Imagine a world where companies and institutions joined forces to drive transformational change to shape a more sustainable world. Sound idealistic? We don’t think so! In most cases it reduces risk, drives bottom line and improves the chance of bringing game-changing innovation to the market.


Competitive innovation has been, and will continue to be, a driver of growth, prosperity and wealth. But more and more organizations face challenges that they cannot solve alone.

Collaborative Innovation and innovation partnerships offer new opportunities to drive sustainable growth, share risks and  increase the chances of bringing game-changing innovations to the market.

Yet some global challenges demand the involvement of more complex sets of stakeholders. Systems Innovation is a powerfull approach for companies or public institutions to remove barriers, identify levers and drive a change of an entire industry or ecosystem.

Too many companies and public institutions do not have a clear strategy when they come to choosing innovation approaches.

At Leaderlab we help companies identify which innovation approach is most efficient in a given situation. We help companies drive competitive innovation. We help identify partners and shape innovation partnerships. And we help companies and governments map critical stakeholders and design strategies and processes to drive systems innovation and sustainable growth.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, global public institutions, governments and start-up’s.

Let us help you drive transformational change and shape long term sustainable growth.

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Over the past 6 years we have worked with leaders from over 30 leading Global and Nordic companies to shape their future strategies, leadership and innovation models to help share risks and bring new game-changing innovations to the market.

TOKE SABROERather than performing classic management consulting, we partner with organisations who are dedicated to drive a transformational change. Due to our extensive global and regional networks, our work for clients build upon proven, yet pioneering knowledge, models and ways of driving sustainable innovation and transformational change.

Our work for clients includes: corporate strategy, leadership training, stakeholder mapping and engagement, organisation redesign, introduction of new innovation models, forming collaborative innovation partnerships and helping drive systems innovation.

We have intense experiences working with complex and delicate stakeholder groups and political environments both regionally and globally.

Let us help you drive transformational change and shape a long term sustainable growth.

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Hannah Jones joins 3GF sessionLAUNCH Nordic

Leaderlab has been the key driver in setting up the LAUNCH Nordic Partnership. LAUNCH Nordic brings together industry leaders, government institutions and innovators to shape a more sustainable world of materials and textiles. Leaderlab role have been to identify and engage private and public partners, secure funding and set up the partnership. Leaderlab is now responsible for executing the strategy and driving operational activities with reference to the LAUNCH Nordic Executive Board and US Partners.

About LAUNCH Nordic

LAUNCH Nordic was created in collaboration with LAUNCH, a strategic partnership between NIKE, NASA, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and The U.S. Department of State.

The partner group engaged in LAUNCH Nordic is still growing. The current partner group includes the following institutions:

• IKEA Group
• Novozymes
• Kvadrat
• Danish Ministry of the Environment/EPA
• Danish Ministry of Business and Growth/Danish Business Authority
• Danish Foreign Ministry/Global Green Growth Forum – 3GF
• Technical University of Denmark
• City of Copenhagen
• Capital Region of Denmark
• Vinnova of Sweden

Materials have a significant impact on the planet. It is estimated that around 150 billion garments were produced around the world in 2010. By 2015, the global apparel industry is expected to produce more than 400 billion square meters of fabric every year – enough to cover the whole of Sweden.

LAUNCH Nordic is looking for game-changing ideas and innovations that could revolutionize materials and textiles.

LAUNCH Nordic has been initiated in a collaboration between: Leaderlab, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) and Danish Design Center (DDC).

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Leaderlab is the main driver behind Rebuild21 – and annual summit in Copenhagen gathering global and regional innovators. We believe the 21st Century belongs to leaders, businesses and organisations that successfully unite purpose, passion and profit. When influential and visionary people from different companies and sectors come together, giant leaps in innovation are possible. This is why we started Rebuild21 and why you should take part.

See what previous participants are saying about Rebuild21 and why they will be back again next year.

To stay tuned please join Rebuild21 on Facebook, visit Rebuild21′s website , and/or watch videos of previous keynotes:



Sofus Midtgaard

Sofus Midtgaard

Managing Partner View Details
Sasha Beckmann

Sasha Beckmann

Partner View Details
Toke Sabroe

Toke Sabroe

Partner View Details
Mathilde Serup

Mathilde Serup

Partner View Details
Suny Xu

Suny Xu

Project manager View Details
Sofus Midtgaard

Sofus Midtgaard

Managing Partner

”I help companies, governments and organizations unite around challenges, mobilize stakeholders and engage in partnerships to drive sustainable growth. I dare to dream big and challenge what’s possible.”

Sofus helps Companies, Organisations and Gov. Institutions unite around a higher purpose, engage stakeholders and form partnerships to drive sustainable growth.

Sofus primarily advises on Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability, Systems & Collaborative innovation, Stakeholder Mobilization and Partnerships.

Sofus has an extensive regional and global network. He has worked with organisations like IKEA, Nike, Novozymes, Whole Foods Market, Interface, Maersk, Novo Nordisk and Grundfos.

He is an often-invited speaker at conferences and strategy seminars on leadership, partnerships and sustainability as a driver of innovation and growth.

Before starting Leaderlab Sofus worked as Head of Strategy & Innovation at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He has founded the two conferences New Media Days and Rebuild21.

Sofus holds an executive MBA.

E: sofus@leaderlab.com
M: +45 30220111
S: @sofusmidtgaard

Sasha Beckmann

Sasha Beckmann


”I help organizations quantify potential, identify risk and effectively pursue strategies and partnerships to address a world of scarce resources. I build relations and I am used to handling big events, flawless execution and C-suite expectations.”

Sasha helps Companies, Organisations and Gov. Institutions design processes and engage multiple stakeholders around a shared challenge. Sasha is a master in planning, handling expectations and flawless execution.

Sasha has worked with organisations like Nike, IKEA, Novozymes, The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry for The Environment.

Sasha is often involved and invited to help design events, workshops and processes that require a great sense for details and involve senior management or other important stakeholders.

Sasha holds a Master in International Business & Politics, from The Copenhagen Business School.

Before joining Leaderlab Sasha worked for Copenhagen Consensus on Cost-Benefit Analysis and Impact Evaluation.

E: sasha@leaderlab.com
M: +45 40156483

Toke Sabroe

Toke Sabroe


”I help drive collaborative innovation, facilitate partnerships and lead complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Where others see barriers and complexity, I help identify levers for change. And I run some pretty awesome SCRUM meetings.”

Toke helps Companies, Organisations and Gov. Institutions run complex multi-stakeholder partnerships and projects. Toke is a master in navigating complexity and securing progress in complex projects.

Toke has worked with organisations like IKEA, Nike, Novozymes, Maersk, Siemens, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry for The Environment as well as The City of Copenhagen.

Toke is often invited to facilitate strategy processes, workshops on stakeholder mapping and systems innovation. He has extensive experience facilitating and teaching.

Toke holds a Master in Information Science & Multimedia Design.

Before joining Leaderlab Toke worked for Maersk, Siemens and Deadline Games leading complex projects often involving technology, design and innovation.

E: toke@leaderlab.com
M: +45 22131293

Mathilde Serup

Mathilde Serup


E: mathilde@leaderlab.com
M: +45 51902292

Suny Xu

Suny Xu

Project manager

“I’m curious about the relationship we have with the world and how we live among each other in different cultures. I bring in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives to help shape projects, produce events, design materials and communicate partnership activities. I’m creative and persistent!”

Besides a strong involvement in urban planning, design and art, Sunny helps secure production of materials, films and events.

At her time at Leaderlab Sunny has worked with organisations like Nike, IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, The Confederation of Danish Industries and The Danish Ministry of Business & Innovation.

With her Chinese background and her connection to Singapore, Sunny has in-depth knowledge about Asia. After living in Scandinavia for several years, she is also trying to bring in strong collaboration between Asia and the Nordic countries.

Sunny is a Master Student at University of Copenhagen, doing a Master project on Liveable Cities & Urban Development together with urban planner Herbert Dreiseitl.

E: sunny@leaderlab.com
M: +45 60609288

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