LAUNCH unites big brands at Nike HQ to accelerate Circular Economy

The shift to a circular economy requires new levels of innovation and collaboration. Everybody’s talking about the tremendous potential of the Circular Economy. Constraints on the planet are driving demand for resource-efficient and closed-loop products, services, and corporate models. But how do we create circular systems, material streams, and new business models to support the […]

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Learn more about the LAUNCH Nordic Innovators

Meet Kabadiwalla Connect, Globechain,Queen of Raw, Shrilk, BioCellection and Infinited Fiber Company. They are the LAUNCH Nordic Innovators of the Closed Loop Solution Challenge. Their innovations all provide parts of the puzzle to create the shift towards closed loop systems and a circular economy. Learn more about the six innovators and watch them explain the details of their […]

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Meet LAUNCH Nordic Innovators at DIF!

Disruptive Innovation Festival Through a collaboration bestween LAUNCH Nordic and Ellen MacArthur Foundation three LAUNCH Nordic innovators will present their innovations at the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) November 17: 15:00-16:00 GMT.  The LAUNCH Nordic innovators have responded to the 2016 innovation challenge: “How can we – through new types of closed loop solutions or recycling technologies […]

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LAUNCH Nordic proudly present this years selected innovators. Each individual innovation constitutes a solution to the raised question “How can we – through new types of closed loop solutions or recycling technologies – shape a more sustainable future of materials and manufacturing?“ This year 6 innovators received an invitation from the LAUNCH Nordic Board and we […]

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LAUNCH Nordic: Closing the Loop – how do we create a more sustainable society?

Imagine a world where instead of owning everything you leased it. We know it sounds a bit crazy. But what if it wasn’t! What if it was the birth of a sustainability revolution where waste is turned into resources and kept out of landfill? What if it was the starting point of an age keeping […]

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