We need a Food Revolution


By 2050 people living in cities will increase by 2.5-3.0 billion caused by urbanization. Climate Change will impact food production worldwide. And while obesity cost 2.0 trillion $ globally in treatments we still have 800 million people going to bed hungry every night. A new LAUNCH movement LAUNCH Food want’s to meet these global challenges. At Leaderlab we are engaged and helped organize LAUNCH Food’s third Big Think at IKEAs HQ in Malmø, August 17, 2016.

Everybody’s talking about how we need to change the food system and behaviorism around food. Topics like Population Growth, Urbanisation, a growing global Middle Class, Under-Nutrition, Food Security, Local Food, Obesity, Diabetes and Food Waste are making headlines globally.

August 17, 2016 LAUNCH invited partners from both industry, governments, global corporations, catering and foundations and ask them to imagine a Food Revolution.


Nordic, US and Australian Ministries, UN-institutions, Global companies, Bio-dynamic Food-innovators and Scientists joined forces to identify areas of collective-action/intervention and new innovation opportunity areas.


IKEA’s new headquarter provided a great location and frame for discussing how to mobilize a Global Food Revolution.

Increasingly, the quality and quantity of the world’s food supply is changing – and so is the way that people eat. The result is malnutrition and poor health in many communities across the world.


Within hours of work the participants handed in the first ideas of which areas they found the most central for a Food Revolution. Afterwards a session of potential questions helped categorize and organize the structure of the challenge within the field. Passion, desire to change and concrete call for solutions created a atmosphere reflecting the importance of the theme. A successful and productive day among the Global and Nordic stakeholders providing a solid foundation for the upcoming challenge and call for innovators.


LAUNCH Food is calling for innovators, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals from around the world to put forward innovative solutions for improving global health outcomes by enabling people to make healthy food choices. The call for innovation will be announced end september 2016 at the LAUNCH Food website

LAUNCH appreciate all inputs and express gratitude for the participation in creating the first steps towards addressing one of the most contemporary problems.


For more information about LAUNCH Food details can be found at LAUNCH.ORG.


– Leaderlab: Sofus Midtgard: sofus@leaderlab.com
– Leaderlab: Sissel Ødegaard: sissel@leaderlab.com


LAUNCH Nordic: Closing the Loop – how do we create a more sustainable society?

Imagine a world where instead of owning everything you leased it. We know it sounds a bit crazy. But what if it wasn’t! What if it was the birth of a sustainability revolution where waste is turned into resources and kept out of landfill? What if it was the starting point of an age keeping products and materials in the loop? An age of products designed to last, be repaired, to be disassembled and to be recycled…

Everybody’s talking about the potentials in the Circular Economy. But how do we create closed loop systems and material streams? How do we design and manufacture for disassembly and recycling? And how do we shift to new business models that stimulate the design of durable products and re-use?

These questions are at the center of this year’s LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge. IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat and several Nordic Ministries and public institutions have joined forces to accelerate a more circular economy.


“We are working to make our whole product range more sustainable, including playing an active role in the transition to a circular economy. We are looking for innovators with disruptive ideas and fresh mindsets who can help us on this journey. I’m looking forward to help select and interact with this years five selected innovators.”

Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group

This year LAUNCH Nordic offer five selected innovators the opportunity to join a coalition of companies, government institution and innovators, committed to accelerate the shift to a circular economy. We are looking for game changing ideas and innovations for this year’s challenge: Closed Loop Solutions and Recycling Technologies.


“What is special about LAUNCH Nordic is the strong partnership of both government, academic and industry. Public Private Partnerships is exactly what we need to help sustainable innovations go to scale. We look forward to help this year’s innovators and shape a more sustainable society.

Claus Stig Pedersen, Senior Director, Sustainability, Novozymes.

The LAUNCH Nordic challenge 2016 is open to individuals and teams, start-ups and established companies. Deadline for applications will be September 1, 2016. In October 2016 the top 5 innovations will be selected and the teams will take part in a unique program that provides support, networking, and mentoring from influential business and government leaders.


“Being partners in LAUNCH Nordic has been highly inspirational for us. We are looking forward to helping this year’s innovators, but we learn a lot from them as well. We look forward to share knowledge and hopefully find meaningful and relevant technologies and innovation suitable for co-investment.”

Anders Byriel, CEO, Kvadrat

LAUNCH Nordic will search for innovations with the potential to go to scale globally, as well as game‐changing early stage technologies and prototypes. Innovations can be business models, design tools, materials, manufacturing processes, technologies or systems or programs that have the potentials to shape a more sustainable society.

“Region Skåne is a partner in LAUNCH Nordic because of the strong commitment from both Nordic and Global partners like IKEA, Nozozymes, Kvadrat, Nike, USAID and U.S. State Department. LAUNCH Nordic offers a unique platform to identify and collectively scale innovations with a positive impact of people and society.”

Carin Dahl, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Region Skåne

Vigga Svensson – a 2014 LAUNCH Nordic Innovator, who herself is pioneering circular economy with her start-up Vigga.us – delivering subscription based baby-clothing says the following:


“I hope a lot of great innovators from around the world with ideas to accelerate the shift to a more circular and sustainable world will apply.

Vigga Svensson, Founder, Vigga.US – and LAUNCH Nordic Innovator 2014

For more information about LAUNCH Nordic and this years Innovation Challenge on Closed Loop Systems & Recycling Technologies please read the full challenge here contact Sofus Midtgaard, LAUNCH Nordic: +45 30220111 – or sofus@launch.org. For more about LAUNCH Nordic partners please contact:


– IKEA Group: Jamie Rusby: jamie.rusby@ikea.com
– Novozymes: Debbie Spillane: DbSp@novozymes.com
– Kvadrat: Anders Byriel: ab@kvadrat.org
– Vigga.US: Peter R. Svensson: +45 22665595 peter@vigga.us


LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform by: IKEA Group, Novozymes, and Kvadrat, as well as the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), The Danish EPA and Region Skåne. LAUNCH Nordic was created in collaboration with LAUNCH founders NASA, NIKE, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) & The U.S. Department of State.

Relevant information

The challenge is available at the LAUNCH Nordic website:




Saving Lives Sustainably – Leaderlab helps UNDP

Leaderlab UN workshop

May 11, 2016 Leaderlab was invited by UNDP to facilitate a workshop on: How Health Procurers Can Change the Global Health Sector.

UNDP, UNFPA and the Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector (SPHS) Secretariat had joined forces to explore the latest sustainable procurement initiatives, share good-practice examples and advance the dialogue on how sustainable procurement practices can be harmonized and scaled-up across the global health sector.

Toke Sabroe, Senior Partner from Leaderlab facilitated the workshop.

Saving Lives Sustainably

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), principles of the UN Supplier Code of Conduct and the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, all UN agencies will gradually shift their procurement process towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns. Proceeding on the assumption that health sector procurement is burdening the environment on the following dimensions:

– Greenhouse gas emissions
– Resource depletion (water, energy and material consumption) and
– Chemical pollution


The goal of the workshops was to share experience, initiatives and inspire procurers to connect to the Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector (SPHS) and collaborate on the further development of sustainable procurement initiatives and tools.

For more information please contact Senior Partner Toke Sabroe M: +45 22131293 or toke@leaderlab.com or visit UN website: savinglivesustainably.org

Driving Sustainable Growth through Partnerships

Driving Sustainable Growth Through Partnerships

Companies are partnering with other organisations— both public and private—to address sustainability challenges. Here are 10 rules to suceed driving sustainable growth through partnerships.

In a 2015 survey by MIT Sloan Management Review, The Boston Consulting Group and the United Nations Global Compact, 90% of executives state that collaboration is important to address sustainability challenges while only 47% are actively engaged in sustainability collaboration and partnerships.

Over the last five years partnerships to drive sustainable growth have become increasingly popular. Systemic challenges – i.e. unaware investors, disengaged citizens, lack of enabling policy or introduction of new standards throughout a supply chain – are all issues that no-one company can address on its own.

Collaboration and partnerships play a critical role in addressing systemic barriers, driving collaborative innovation and sharing risk. But like most complex projects, partnerships have a failure rate of about 50 % (Harvard Business Review, 2004). Here are 10 rules to suceed driving Sustainable Growth through Partnerships. The slides below are from a presentation given by Leaderlab’s Managing Partner Sofus Midtgaard at the We-Economy Conference in Copenhagen February 24, 2015:



Nike, IKEA, Novozymes, Guardian and Danish Minister join Leaderlab’s session on Sustainable Materials at this years Global Green Growth Forum

Green Growth Forum Hannah JonesWe are happy to announce that Jo Confino, Executive Editor for Sustainability at The Guardian, will be moderating a Leaderlab session at this years Global Green Growth Forum October 22nd. The session on Disruptive Innovation in Materials will include key industry players and politicians:

  • Hannah Jones, VP Sustainable Business & Innovation, Nike
  • Peder Holk Nielsen, CEO, Novozymes
  • Ida Auken, Danish Minister of the Environment
  • Håkan Nordkvist, Head of sustainability innovation, IKEA
  • Jo Confino, Executive Editor Sustanability, The Guardian (Moderator)


A revolution in Materials

Imagine a world where a small Nordic start-up company worked with NASA and Novozymes on scaling a new nanotech insulation material. Imagine a world where residual products from Arla, via new technology from a German innovator, ended up as textile materials for H&M designers. And imagine a world where Nike, IKEA, and USAID worked together on taking waterless dying to scale. October 22, 2013 we zoom in on the global initiatives that have the power and potential to revolutionize the material industries and to make new collaboration patterns a reality.

The potential for green growth and disruptive innovation reducing the water, CO2, and chemical footprints of the materials industry, is enormous. But often this potential is not unleashed due to systems deadlocks; industries, governments, NGOs, and consumers are all playing fixating roles that keep the whole production system from progressing. We need to change the rule of the game, and the patterns of collaboration, in order to fully benefit from novel and more sustainable innovations.


Public Private Partnerships

Nike has partnered up with NASA, USAID and US State Department to form LAUNCH, a public-private partnership, to drive radical innovation in materials. In this video Hannah Jones, VP for Sustainable Business & Innovation at Nike explains what LAUNCH is all about:

The system changes and innovations required won’t come from a single source. Not from science. Not from technology. Not from governments. Not from business. It will require a joint effort from all of us. Collaborative and systems innovation is key to drive growth, share risk, increase resource efficiency and become more sustainable.

In the 3GF morning session we will discuss what it takes to remove barriers, create incentives and unlock global sustainable growth within the fabrics and materials industry. We invite government representatives, business leaders and key experts, who actively revolutionize the way we produce, distribute, and (re)use new and more sustainable materials.

Systems InnovationSession at 3GF, 22 October 2013

The businesses that will prosper, in a future of scarce resources and increasing production prices, are the ones who master to distinguish between competitive, collaborative and systems innovation.

At the 3GF Morning Session “Beyond CSR: Disruptive Material Innovation” government representatives, business leaders and key experts within the textile and materials industry will discuss the following questions:

  • What are the most significant barriers to achieving sustainable change at speed and at scale within textiles and materials?
  • How do we speed up industry collaboration and systems innovation that will allow for better and more sustainable materials?
  • What is in it for business, society and the environment?

The session is made possible with the support of The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Design Centre (DDC), The Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI)  and Copenhagen School of Technology & Design (KEA). Read more about 3GF here




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