Martin-Von-Haller“Rebuild is a great opportunity to meet, get inspired and interact with progressive international innovators. If you need inspiration on 21st century business trends and how to combine purpose, passion and profit I recommend you join Rebuild21. I love the interactive format and the crowd attending this conference.”

– Martin von Haller Groenbaek, Chairman, Entrepreneur & Internet Attorney


Esben Danielsen“Rebuild is a seldom opportunity to meet and interact with young leaders with great potentials. Rebuild21 is a gathering for people who will make a difference. Not just another conference, not just another workshop. Hard to explain – try it !”

– Esben Danielsen, Director of Innovation, Roskilde Festival



Jakob Wickmann“Rebuild21 is truly original. It’s a bold event in both content and form and it’s a great place to be inspired by good speakers and an interesting crowd. I’ve been there twice and I go there to get that sense of purpose and the energy to change things.”

– Jakob Wickmann, Team Leader, Internal Communication at Danish Broadcasting Corporation


Conny Kalcher“The old distinction between company and consumer is not working anymore. Join Rebuild21 and get inspiration to how you can drive more openness in your organisation”

– Conny Kalcher, Vice President, LEGO Group




Robert Austin“Every developed economy has to more aggressively recombine people with different ideas. Rebuild21 is a great example of that!

– Robert D. Austin, Chairs Executive Program at Harvard Business School




Stig Ørskov“This year’s conference: The New Nordic Way will be outstanding.”

– Stig Kirk Ørskov, CEO, JP/Politiken





Connie Hedegaard“I think the Rebuild21 initiative is very good – what we need now is that progressive people just start doing things.”

– Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner, Climate Action




Poul Sørensen“Rebuild21 is an excellent opportunity to network and become inspired by international leaders, entrepreneurs and other change agents with a passion for social business innovation. I have participated in the first two events and each time I took away numerous learning’s and made many valuable connections.”

– Poul Sørensen, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development at Stallergenes



Anne Skare“Join to anticipate, discuss and act on new megatrends in society, business and … well just humans. All in all Rebuild21 is an absolute must. ”

– Anne Skare Nielsen, Future Navigator




Nickie-Spile“With the expiration of yesterday’s leadership agenda, a radical new approach to leadership in the 21th century is required. I can’t wait to discuss the leadership agenda of tomorrow”

– Nickie Spile, Vice President, Head of Group Engineering at Rockwool International




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