Sunny XuE:
M: +45 60609288

“I’m curious about the relationship we have with the world and how we live among each other in different cultures. I bring in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives to help shape projects, produce events, design materials and communicate partnership activities. I’m creative and persistent!”

Besides a strong involvement in urban planning, design and art, Sunny helps secure production of materials, films and events.

At her time at Leaderlab Sunny has worked with organisations like Nike, IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, The Confederation of Danish Industries and The Danish  Ministry of Business & Innovation.

With her Chinese background and her connection to Singapore, Sunny has in-depth knowledge about Asia. After living in Scandinavia for several years, she is also trying to bring in strong collaboration between Asia and the Nordic countries.

Sunny is a Master Student at University of Copenhagen, doing a Master project on Liveable Cities & Urban Development together with urban planner Herbert Dreiseitl.


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