Sustainable Build Summit

SUSTAINABLE BUILD is aimed at creating growth in sustainable building (also known as green building). We are based on a collaborative partnership within the construction industry where every year, we select 10 innovators and help them scale up their product, service or business. In doing so, we contribute to the construction industry’s competitiveness in a growing global market for sustainable building.


For its 2016 theme, Sustainable Build is looking for innovative solutions which can create growth in sustainable building. We hereby invite start-ups, SMEs and larger enterprises in Denmark and abroad to present relevant solutions to this year’s innovation challenge:


How can we create growth in sustainable building through the materials we use?
-The innovations and solutions must focus on at least one of the following areas:

1. Innovations that lead to more sustainable production or better performance of new or existing building materials

E.g. innovations that reduce water, energy and chemicals consumption or contribute to improving occupant health and the indoor environment of buildings.

2. Innovations that improve the salvaging/recycling of construction waste

E.g. new types of materials based on waste products from production, construction, renovation or demolition.

3. Innovations that lead to increased knowledge – and traceability – of building materials

E.g. new technologies and methods for the collection, processing, visualisation and dissemination of Big Data in the construction industry.


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