Communication & Social Media Internship

The Internship

Leaderlab is offering a three to six months Communication and Social Media Internship with start 1st Feb., 15 March  or 1st September  2017. As an intern at Leaderlab you will be part of driving a US-Nordic sustainability partnership LAUNCH Nordic between IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, Nordic Ministries and US partners Nike, NASA, USAID, U.S. State Department among others. In addition you will be involved in other partnerships and help plan and handle the execution of events.

The organisation

Leaderlab is a small but dynamic and globally connected organisation that offers a meaningful internship where you can make a real difference. Through the internship you will have the opportunity to build a unique international network with pioneering companies within sustainability. We operate globally but most activities and the primary workspace will be in Copenhagen/Greater Copenhagen Area.

Your profile

We are looking for a structured, ‘hands-on’ profile who can help carry out communication, daily posting and editing of social media. Someone who is smart, independent has a strong work ethic, collaborative spirit and great communication skills. As we work with Social & Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and Circular Economy is essential that you have a personal interest and basic understanding about these fields.

We expect that you:

  • Are a good and structured organizer, who can work independently and get things done
  • Are a strong communicator with a fluent English.
  • Are a problem-solver with a positive approach to things
  • Have experience using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and have an active LinkedIn profile
  • Are familiar with Excel and Google Docs/sheets
  • Experience with WordPress is a plus

We only accept 3-6 month interns and we expect that you will be joining min. 30 hours a week. The Internship is unpaid.

If you fit the profile please send your CV and cover letter to:

If you have questions feel free to contact, Project Manager Ole Høy Jakobsen: or +45 22920764 for more information.

We will evaluate the received applications on an ongoing basis, and close for applications once the right Intern is found, so apply rather sooner than later.


10 Innovations That Could Create A Better World Of Materials

LAUNCH Nordic ForumLAUNCH Nordic Forum November 4-5, 2015 in Malmö

IKEA Group, Nike Inc., NASA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, Leading Scientists, Investors, Nordic and U.S. Gov. Representatives will team up in Malmö, Sweden, Nov. 4-5 to support 10 innovators in shaping a more sustainable world of materials.

LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges related to how we produce and use materials today. In an effort to green the value chain of materials, to initiate industry collaborations, and to scale sustainability innovations LAUNCH Nordic has identified 10 innovations that can change the system of using materials to a better one.

LAUNCH Nordic Forum 2014

A public call for innovations was released at the LAUNCH Nordic Summit, April 28, resulting in 97 applications from over 35 countries covering six continents. A panel of subject matter experts has carefully reviewed the applications. The LAUNCH Nordic partners selected the ten top innovators, who are now invited to participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum in Malmö, Sweden.

“This year we have seen strong innovators from all over the world, and I am happy to see a highly competitive Nordic field of innovators. The unique thing about LAUNCH Nordic is the public and private sector collaboration to create the right conditions to scale such new sustainable solution. We look very much forward to meet the innovators at the Forum in Malmo.”

Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Sustainability, Novozymes

At the LAUNCH Nordic Forum in November, 35 industry executives, materials experts, government officials and investors will gather, to offer insight and guidance to help scale the ten innovations.

“I am exited to join the LAUNCH Nordic Forum again this year. LAUNCH Nordic have received a record number of applications from innovators around the world, and I am looking forward to work with this year’s ten selected innovators on how to take them to scale.“

Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group

Each year LAUNCH Nordic puts focus on a specific theme. In 2015, the focus is on alternative raw materials and cultivation, sustainable design and manufacturing, and better design tools for a circular economy.

The 10 LAUNCH Nordic innovators are all selected based on their positive environmental or social impact. Their respective innovations have the potential to significantly increase sustainability in production, manufacturing, and recycling by introducing new types of materials, or alternative ways of using known materials.

The top 10 LAUNCH Nordic innovators 2015 are (in alphabetic order):
AVESPA – Production of algal biomass (US)
EKOBALANS – Natural fertilizers from residues (SE)
MODTI – Electronically shapable hardware (FI)
NIL TECHNOLOGY – Nano imprinted plastic surfaces (DK)
POND – Bio-based polymer resin (DK)
PAD HEAVEN – Sanitary pads made of banana stems (KE)
PAXYMER – Green flame-retardant (SE)
SAPROGLUE – Bio-based glue from lake sediments (LV)
SVENSKA AEROGEL – New production method for Aerogel (SE)
WET-GREEN – Natural leather tanning (DE)

Ranging from start-ups to established companies, the selected innovators will present their ideas and technologies to the LAUNCH Nordic Council that is comprised by leading global companies, ministries, research institutions – and even astronauts.

“To look beyond borders and co-innovate with unconventional partners is key, if we want to achieve great things on Earth and beyond. The Nordic region has a strong tradition and so much potential when it comes sustainable solutions to global challenges. That is why I look forward to the LAUNCH Nordic Forum.”

Dr. Catherine Coleman, NASA Astronaut & PhD in Chemistry.

Following the LAUNCH Nordic Forum, innovators will take part in an accelerator program to help them bring their innovations to scale. One of the Innovators who has been through the LAUNCH Nordic 2014 Accelerator is the Swedish company Re:Newcell, who has developed a methods for efficient recycling of waste textiles;

“At the LAUNCH Nordic Forum we not only got in contact with some of the most important actors on the market, we got a chance to develop our business plan in co-operation with both our future customers as well as our future suppliers. This was a true accelerator!”

Henrik Norlin, Re:Newcell (Sweden), LAUNCH Nordic Innovator 2014

The LAUNCH Nordic Council participants include: Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group, Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat, Geert Aagaard Andersen, Ambassador & Head of Secretariat (3GF), Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mikkel Stenbæk, Deputy Head of Division, Danish EPA, Carin Daal, Head of Department, Region Skåne, Mike van der Zanden, Sustainability Director, Supply Chain Innovation Europe, Nike, Kira Blackwell, Program Executive, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA – together with more than 25 other industry representative, entrepreneurs, scientist and investors. They will provide access to capital, credibility and capacity to help the ten innovators scale globally.

Catherine Coleman NASA

LAUNCH invites you to follow the hashtag #LAUNCHNordic on Tuesday November 3, 2015 from 5:30-6:00 CET (12:30 EST & 9:30 PST) for a social storytelling event on Twitter and Periscope. NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman will be joined by three LAUNCH innovators for a conversation on sustainability and materials innovation. We encourage you to follow along and add your voice to the conversation using #LAUNCHNordic. The main Twitter handles for this event will be: @Astro_Cady @LAUNCHorg and @LAUNCHNordic

For more information on the challenge please go to:

For more information about Innovators and the Forum please contact Sasha Beckmann, Lead Project Manager LAUNCH Nordic: +45 40156483 – or

For more about LAUNCH Nordic partners please contact:
– IKEA Group: Jamie Rusby, ‎Head of Sustainability Communications:
– Danish Ministry of the Environment: Mikkel Stenbæk: +45 40859405,
– Novozymes: Debbie Spillane, Corporate Press Officer:
– LAUNCH Nordic: Sofus Midtgaard: +45 30 220 111,


LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform by: IKEA Group, Novozymes, and Kvadrat, as well as the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), The Danish Ministry of the Environment, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, VINNOVA, and The Capital Region of Denmark. LAUNCH Nordic was created in collaboration with LAUNCH founders NASA, NIKE, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) & The U.S. Department of State.

Relevant information

Social Business: Intend & Authenticity is King!

There is tremendous potential in opening up and engaging in dialogues with members, customers, employees, suppliers, voters and citizens.

It’s important to be open! Everyone agrees – and add openness to the corporate values. Companies, public institutions and governments around the world have during the last decade launched several initiatives to open up – or at least be perceived as open among consumers, voters and citizens.

Social Media: Open Dialogue or one-way promotions channel?

A survey by Harvard Business Review Analytical Services:  The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action documents that too many companies still see social media primarily as a one-way promotional channel.

  • Three-quarters (75%) of the companies in the survey do not know where their most valuable customers are talking about them.
  • Less than one-quarter (23%) are using social media analytic tools.
  • A fraction (7%) of participating companies are able to integrate social media
    into their marketing activities.

Source: HBR & SAS 2010

How come so many initiatives that could be valuable dialogues end up as monologues or fake involvement? Could it be that to many of them are initiated and planned out of the Marketing or Corporate Branding Department – with the only intend to increase the yearly Brand Asset score on corporate openness?

Source: HBR & SAS 2010

Open Dialogue: Listen, connect and engage

Open Dialogue – isn’t that a pleonasm? Yes it is. A dialogue must be two way to be a dialogue – otherwise its’ a monologue. And too many openness initiatives are one-way marketing monologues signaling openness – without a real organizational intend of opening up. What does it take to engage in a valuable open dialogue?


Social Media introduces new platforms for listening to conversations, connecting with consumers and engaging in dialogue, open innovation and co-creation with lead customers. For inspiration on how to listen to conversations about your brand read the Mashable article: Social Media Monitoring, by Maria Ogneva.

Social Business: Intend & Authenticity is King!

Technology and usability is no longer the limiting factor in engaging with customers, employees and voters – intend and authenticity is.

Before engaging in dialogue with companies, organizations or political parties the customers, employees and voters ask themselves questions like: Is it important? Are you for real? Are you truly interested in my opinion? Are you going to act on my input? Will things change? These are just some of the critical questions running through the head of customers, employees and voters before engaging in dialogue with companies, organizations or political parties.

The Leadership and organizational challenge

Customers, members and voters are smart. If they sense that an initiative is a left hand marketing stunt – they will take the conversation elsewhere. And conversation about your leadership style, organization and products will take place whether you like it or not! Social Media is a strong tool for consumers to connect, form groups and raise their voice against your company – as the HBR article: What’s you personal Social media Strategy? by Soumitra Dutta shows.

New forms of consumer dialogue challenge both our leadership style and our traditional organizational separation in divisions like: Customer Service, Product Development, Marketing ands Sales.

LeaderLab continues to set focus on Open Leadership and Social Business in 2011. Some of the questions we seek to answer during the comming network meetings is:

  • How can we form progressive social media policies as a publicly traded companies?
  • How can we effectively listen to dialogues about our organizations and products on social media?
  • How can we engage with customers, suppliers, employees and citizens in new ways in order to increase loyalty and legitimacy?
  • What does a customer centric organization look like in the age of social media?


Harvard Business Review Survey 2010:

The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action

HBR article 2010:
What’s you personal Social media Strategy?

Mashable 2010:
Social Media Monitoring

Starbucks: Social Media & Open Innovation by Matthew Guiste

Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media at Starbucks, joined LeaderLab in Copenhagen on September 21st 2010 to talk about Starbuck’s Social Media & Open Innovation activities. Thanks’ to Matthew and everyone attending for great questions and atmosphere.

Video with Matthew Guiste from Starbucks

Summary version 13:20 min. – Main point, quotes and illustrations:

Full version 58:30 min. – with highlight, quotes and illustrations:

Introduction to Open Innovation

If you are interested in Open Innovation, Co-creation and Crowdsourcing here is a short introduction to cases, companies, books and videoes available online – please contribute: Open Innovation an introduction

Keep updated on Open Leadership & Social Business

You can keep updated on: Open Leadership, Open Innovation, Co-creations, Social Organizations and Social Business Innovation – and new events by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Open Innovation, user-driven innovation, distributed innovation, co-creation, crowdsourcing… confused?

Warning! This will not be the post to end them all by defining: Open Innovation, user-driven innovation, distributed innovation, co-creation or crowdsourcing. The following will be an introduction to Open Innovation with inspiration for further reading – a starting point.

So what is Open innovation?

Wikipedia defines Open innovation as: “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology” (Chesbrough, H.W. (2003). Open Innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology. Boston: Harvard Business School Press).

The term Open Innovation is overlapping with others terms like crowdsourcing, co-creation, distributed innovation and user-driven innovation. Please look up the other definitions as well and make your own definition about Open innovation.

Open as opposed to traditional innovation

Traditionally R&D and Innovation has been about bringing a few bright people together solving a problem or developing a new product. Imagine if those bright people are outside your organization?

Traditionally innovation was all about predicting the a future market or customer need. Imagine if a lot of those needs where better identified by the market of the customers themselves?

Most companies spend huge amounts of money trying to predict and control which innovation projects should continue and which should be killed. Imagine if you customers or partners could help and act open stage-gate on your innovation pipeline.

In a world of increasing complexity and connectivity it is harder than ever to predict future market and consumer needs. Consumers’ tastes change faster than ever, new technologies emerge at an increasing pace rendering much of our R&D efforts obsolete.

The Internet and social media foster new forms of organizations allowing communication and cooperation between increasingly large groups of people bringing us closer to the idea of a hive mind, against which our traditional structures simply cannot compete.

Best practice & cases

Dell, Starbucks and Proctor & Gamble has during the last ten years pioneered the field of open innovation. Opening up instead of locking up can provide real value with relatively small investments.

Starbucks has recieved 100,000 ideas so far from their customers on, Dell got the idea to sell laptops with the Linux operating system from their IdeaStorm website and 25% of all new products from Proctor & Gamble come from InnoCentive – a website where companies post challenges and anyone can submit solutions. And there are many other examples of companies using Open Innovation in various forms to solve problems or generate new products or ideas.

Imagine the number of workshops and focus groups Starbucks would need to host to generate 100,000 ideas. Open Innovation is about bringing a group of people with a common goal together to collaborate. The Internet enables us to work together in larger groups than ever before.

Open Innovation opens up for inviting all members of an organization to take part in the innovation process which will lead to different results than simply asking management or the R&D department. And innovating with your organization’s partners, customers or competitors will almost certainly bring fresh perspectives compared to only innovating

Limitation of open Innovation

There is much hype around open innovation. But open innovation will not replace more traditional innovation approaches.

In his famous quote Henry Ford said:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

There is much truth in this famous quote. We are as humans not always able to articulate what we truly want before we see it. In this light some argue that Open Innovation is better for incremental product/service innovation than for radical technological or business model innovation. But opinions differ in this field – based on different experience and concepts for implementing open innovation.

Inspired by Starbucks and Dell many companies have experimented with engaging customers via idea platforms. But many have been surprised by the fact that it often takes a lot more work than just launching an idea platform and hope for consumers to flock to participate.

Some companies, products or causes are just more lovable than others – and if you are not among those you have to work the harder to engage people. Another truth is that consumers quite quickly see through phony marketing gimmicks with no real intent of involving and taking action on ideas suggested by consumers. If you engage in open innovation you need to have real intentions and ideas about how you’re going to respond and implement the best ideas based on imput.

Open Innovation Cases

There are multiple examples of companies who have experience with open innovation. Among the most known initiatives are My Starbucks IdeaDell IdeastormIBM Innovation Jam and Shell GameChanger. These are all corporate examples of Open Innovation. For R&D matters more organizations are beginning to post challenges on Innocentive which is a platform where companies post challenges and pay for researchers around the globe to solve them. Procter & Gamble is one of the active players on Innocentive.

The premise for these initiatives are, that no one organization or human being can know everything. “The world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside,” Yochai Benkler wrote in The Wealth of Networks

Below is a list with links for you to investigate – it contains both corporate examples, R&D matters, tools and software that can be used. You can find the examples here

Videos on Open Innovation:

A. G. Lafley, Former Chairman & CEO, P&G discussing open Innovation

Matthew Guiste, Director Global Social Media, Starbucks – presenting how Starbucks works with Social Media and Open Innovation.

Articles and blogs on open Innovation:

Books on Open Innovation:

Here is a list of books we recommend in order to learn more about open innovation.

Please feel free to comment or share relevant links til books, videos, blog-posts or articles on Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Co-creation etc. below.


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