Circular Economy is taking off – meet the innovators & pioneers paving the way…

The shift to a circular economy requires new levels of innovation, collaboration and collective action. To accelerate the shift we teamed up 10 Circular Economy innovators with industry pioneers including LAUNCH partners Nike Inc., IKEA Group, eBay, Novozymes, Kvadrat and several Nordic government institutions at this years LAUNCH Circular Inovation Summit March 2-3 at Nike HQ in Portland.

Here is a sneak-peek into the Summit and the collaboration and conversations between 10 LAUNCH Circular Economy Innovators, partners and industry pioneers:

At LAUNCH we believe the shift towards a circular economy requires new innovations, collaborations and not least action. As the world develop we need to meet new and growing demands in the future – this will require products designed for disassembly and reuse, efficient take back processes and business models that keep materials in play longer and more effectively.

Cyrus Wadia, VP for Sustainable Business Innovation at Nike underlined the importance of collaboration when he stated “We can’t do this alone“. We need innovations that support the circular economy and partners gathering around the innovations to reach a more circular future.

Such innovations are represented in the solutions provided by LAUNCH innovators. At the Summit entrepreneur Vigga Svensson of and Håkan Nordqvist, Director of Sustainability at IKEA, talked about why it’s imperative to entice consumers to be part of a sustainable culture.

Siddharth Hande of Kabadiwalla Connect and Amy Millington of eBay brought another important perspective to understanding circular economy as they talked about the importance of inclusivity and understanding the local context especially in the developing world.

Vigga Svensson of Vigga.Us and Siddharth Hande of Kabadiwalla Connect both represent new business models and solutions in a circular economy – at the LAUNCH website you can find more videos of LAUNCH Innovators describing their circular solutions within; recycling of cotton, green chemistry, platforms, technologies, waste to resource, supply chains, ecosystems and much more.

LAUNCH Innovators at LAUNCH Circular Innovation Summit. Photo: Ben Mund


Established in 2009, LAUNCH is a network-centred innovation platform founded on the belief that the problems of today are too big to be solved by any one organization alone. Our unique approach is to convene and curate networks of individuals and organizations to forge pathways for change together.

LAUNCH was founded by NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State and NIKE, Inc., who joined together to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges.


A Better World of Materials – Sustainable Innovators Unite!

Submissions for this year’s LAUNCH Nordic Challenge on Sustainable Materials are coming in from Innovators all over the world. With the deadline August 12, 2015, we are reaching out to make sure we do not overlook any great innovations out there.

Last year we recieved 65 applications from 18 different countries. We selected 9 innovators – among them Henrik from Re:Newcell that we helped scale his business in collaboration with people from IKEA, Nike, Novozymes, Scientists, and Government Officials.

You can help create a Better World of Materials in three ways:

  1. Send an email to Sasha Beckmann: today if you know innovators we should reach out to
  2. Forward this e-mail – or contact relevant innovators directly
  3. Share this year’s challenge on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook:

Spreading the challenge directly to innovators or your network would be an invaluable help.

LAUNCH Nordic will select 10 innovators and support them in scaling globally through our international partners, network and accelerator program.


How can we – through new types of materials, or alternative ways of using known materials – significantly increase sustainability in production, manufacturing, and recycling?

Specifically, LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2015 is focusing on innovations within the areas of:

  • Alternative raw-materials & cultivation
  • Sustainable design and manufacturing
  • Better design tools for a circular economy

We are interested in innovations with the potential to scale in two years, as well as game-changing early stage technologies and prototypes. Innovations can be business models, financial instruments, technologies and programs that accelerate research, education and capacity building.

Submissions for this years challenge closes on 12 August 2015.


Let us help you drive transformational change!