We believe that in order to connect the dots between innovation and impact the world requires a new type of systems change between companies, innovators, cities, and citizens. Only then will we be able to drive sustainable growth and truly enable sustainable lives.

Since 2010 Leaderlab has been identifying and setting up partnerships which is a core aspect of our business. Founded from Nordic roots, we are working with these partnerships across local and global scales, and have worked with governments, cities and over 30 global companies. Our clients are our partners.

By creating a common ground for innovation in a pre-competition space, we have helped to build new innovation partnerships. Our experience has brought game-changing sustainable innovations to the market and mobilized key stakeholders to drive sustainable growth. We believe that true collaboration demands trust and knowledge about each other – a space we thrive in.

We have an ability to drive processes which inspires the narratives that allow leaders and innovators to dream big. Understanding the right level of insights to innovate, combined with the methodology to work more efficiently within the Earth’s limits will help achieve this goal.

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