October 26, 2019 Stine Kolding


Our lives in cities and buildings are changing. In 2030 around 60% of us will be living in cities, at the same time, we must lower our carbon footprint radically. In addition, around 210.000 Danes feel lonely, while 7 out of 10 would like more community where they live. These challenges require significant changes in the built environment, urging us to start focusing a lot more on both social, environmental and economic sustainability. How then, do we build and renovate buildings so that they support and embody all the aspects of sustainability at once? This is the question SUSTAINABLE BUILD is focusing on, in our Innovation Challenge 2020:


It is crucial that we find new solutions that support and enable us to live more sustainably, and as we spend 80-90% of our lives indoor, a great potential lies in finding parts of the solution here. During August and September, we have been around Denmark and together with dedicated stakeholders across the value chain of the building industry, we have explored how our homes, buildings and neighborhoods can inspire, support and urge us to lead more social, active lives, whilst also lowering our use of resources. The discussions have been lively and rewarding. Everything from smart buildings and rooms that can adjust to different needs and seasons of life, to services and platforms that foster trust, safety and community, have been discussed and recommended as an integrated part of building sustainably.

These, and many other perspectives, have been included to shape our Innovation Challenge 2020, which we are excited to announce at Building Green in Forum Friday the 31st of October from 15:00-16:00. It takes place at the VIP DISCUSSIONS stage – join us!

The innovation challenge is open for entrepreneurs and businesses in Denmark as well as globally. The goal is to identify and accelerate innovations which can solve some of the big challenges we face within the built environment and encourage sustainable living in our buildings.

Join us and attend when we debate and launch this years’ Innovation Challenge, along with:

We look forward to seeing you!

SUSTAINABLE BUILD is a partnership between key stakeholders across the Danish building industry: Central Region Denmark, Henning Larsen, NCC, PensionDenmark and Tarkett. The initiative has been made possible with support from The Landowners’ Investment Foundation (GI) and The Danish Industry Foundation (IF). Besides the above mentioned partners, the initiative also includes municipalities, stakeholders across the value chain of the building industry along with related industrial companies.

Attend the debate and the announcement of this years’ Sustainable Build Innovation Challenge.


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