March 13, 2019 Mikkel Wolf Rasmussen


Science is clear. We have to act now to reduce the climate change. And we need to get everyone involved in new innovations, new practices and a different happier, healthier and much more climate friendly lifestyle.

In autumn this year between October 9th and 12th, mayors and leaders from 96 different global cities will descend upon Copenhagen to attend the C40 Mayor Summit. Through their own words and contexts, attendees will present innovative actions they have taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience. They will debate, discuss and provide solutions to unite everyone together in taking bold and urgent actions needed to keep global temperature rises to below 1.5°C.


The twist this year comes in the form of citizen engagement, and we are inviting you in! Here in the Nordics we are passionate about collaboration, joining together to explore and seek solutions to global challenges. Leaderlab, in partnership with our friends Andel we will be delivering the Citizens Engagement Platform at the C40 Mayors Summit. Our ambition is big and bold, we are calling on all Copenhageners to engage in this process and showcasing our city with pride.

There will be a whole host of different opportunities for engagement, from media to business forums to jumping into a GreenKayak, so do watch this space as the programme for events and activities evolves.  

Mayors and 1,500 experts and enthusiasts from cities, companies and organizations all over the world come to Copenhagen in October to show how cities can speed up the sustainable change, we so critically need. And we will work hard to bring enthusiasm out all over Copenhagen. Cities are a meeting place, something that is real to all of us. In a world where climate goals and sustainability can become very abstract sizes, the city is a concrete thing we all have a relationship with.

So we have to show all the mayors and experts how to live, taste and feel the sustainable life in Copenhagen. And we must learn and listen to how to do things elsewhere.


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