November 16, 2010 Leaderlab

Network meeting 25/11: LEGO engaging consumers in Open innovation, co-creation and mass-customization.

LEGO open innovation co-creation & mass-customizationWe are just at the beginning of a customer revolution that will change the way high-end consumer brands sell, produce, manufacture and deliver products and services.

Personalization, mass-customization, open innovation and co-creation are just a few of the terms or buzz-words used to capture what’s happening at the fuzzy front-end of a revolution with customers in the driving seat.

Nike, LEGO, Dell, BMW, Threadless and Starbucks are just some of the companies who have embraced open innovation, co-creation or mazz-customization to tap into consumer needs or deliver personalized products.

LeaderLab sets focus on the opportunities and challenges of engaging in open innovation, co-creation and mazz-customization.

Conny Kalcher, Vice President for Consumer Experience at LEGO joins LeaderLab on November 25th 2011, to share insight on how LEGO is engaging lead users and fans.

With products like LEGO Universe, LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Design By Me and LEGO RockBand, LEGO has demonstrated both how to form strategic partnerships and how to open up products for user participation at different levels.

What can be achieved by opening up and engage in co-creation with lead users?  How do you measure engagement? And what are the challenges in inviting customers and lead-user to play with your brand?

Conny Kalcher is global leader of Consumer Experiences, ensuring that the company constantly improves the understanding of the LEGO consumer and uses insights to create even better experiences for all LEGO fans. She joined LEGO in 1985, and has held key management positions in departments ranging from toys and software to publishing, theme parks, and innovation and marketing.


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