”I love to unleash the power of ambitious thinkers and creatives by adding just enough structure and implementation around their visions and ideas to see them move forward.”

Mikkels core competence is to develop strategy and work hard to implement based on insights, structure and communication. He has done so for 15 years in different consultancy and manager position on Director level.

Mikkel really likes bringing different people and perspectives together with a core belief in cross functional solutions and respectful integration of technology with business and people.

Mikkel gets his professional satisfaction when he is running big complex projects, managing many stakeholders; and particular when he is being trusted as a close advisor to decision makers delivering passion, data and recommendations.

Before joining Leaderlab Mikkel worked as Director for a global Software consultancy, Jayway, and in various management positions at TV 2 Denmark and as a director and senior advisor at the digital communications agency Advice.


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