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Science is clear. We have to act now to reduce the climate change. And we need to get everyone involved in new innovations, new practices and a different happier, healthier and much more climate friendly lifestyle.

In autumn this year between October 9th and 12th, mayors and leaders from 96 different global cities will descend upon Copenhagen to attend the C40 Mayor Summit. Through their own words and contexts, attendees will present innovative actions they have taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience. They will debate, discuss and provide solutions to unite everyone together in taking bold and urgent actions needed to keep global temperature rises to below 1.5°C.


The twist this year comes in the form of citizen engagement, and we are inviting you in! Here in the Nordics we are passionate about collaboration, joining together to explore and seek solutions to global challenges. Leaderlab, in partnership with our friends Andel we will be delivering the Citizens Engagement Platform at the C40 Mayors Summit. Our ambition is big and bold, we are calling on all Copenhageners to engage in this process and showcasing our city with pride.

There will be a whole host of different opportunities for engagement, from media to business forums to jumping into a GreenKayak, so do watch this space as the programme for events and activities evolves.  

Mayors and 1,500 experts and enthusiasts from cities, companies and organizations all over the world come to Copenhagen in October to show how cities can speed up the sustainable change, we so critically need. And we will work hard to bring enthusiasm out all over Copenhagen. Cities are a meeting place, something that is real to all of us. In a world where climate goals and sustainability can become very abstract sizes, the city is a concrete thing we all have a relationship with.

So we have to show all the mayors and experts how to live, taste and feel the sustainable life in Copenhagen. And we must learn and listen to how to do things elsewhere.


Write if you are curious to Toke Sabroe at

The LAUNCH Forum: People come first in a Circular Society

It’s our favorite time of the year! And while we love the holidays, it’s bringing our amazing Innovators together with our committed Council Members at the LAUNCH Forum that we look forward to the most.

Last week in Bentonville, Arkansas, some 50 game-changers in the circular economy space convened for the LAUNCH Forum, an opportunity for the 9 latest LAUNCH Innovators to present their solutions and Calls to Action to 30+ leaders in the public and private sector. The Forum, jointly hosted by Waste Management and Walmart, welcomed Innovators from the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and the United States of America, to enter discussions around what the future of the circular economy looks like and how the diverse room of stakeholders could be part of shaping that future. In the spirit of unlikely collaboration, the convening was powered by LAUNCH partners IKEA, eBay, VF Corporation, Novozymes, Kvadrat, and Region Skåne along with Forum sponsors Walmart, Waste Management, Nature’s Path, Sympatex, and Cisco.

For the last nine years, these leaders, known as Council Members, have been a pivotal part of the LAUNCH process. They have worked closely with our Innovators to unlock critical resources and promising opportunities for our Innovators to bring their solutions to market, and ultimately help our communities, our companies and our global society thrive as we work to shift global systems. At this latest LAUNCH Forum in Bentonville, we welcomed LAUNCH newcomers and longtime supporters alike, each with a different story for why they traveled to the Forum and what they were taking away.


For Regina Northouse, Executive Director of the Food Recovery Network, LAUNCH Circular was an opportunity to learn. While Regina’s organization recently reached a major milestone — three million pounds of food donated (and 2.6 million kg of CO2 emissions prevented from harming the environment) — joining LAUNCH for the first time meant an opportunity to learn about intersections between her work and other aspects of the circular economy. On her experience, Regina reflected,

“We can do this together, and I learned that at LAUNCH.”


Elizabeth Bagley, Director of Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences, returned to LAUNCH, bringing her own energy, perspective, and research on how to engage people in a circular future. Her organization’s Academy for All initiative lowers barriers to entry to the sciences by providing free and reduced admission opportunities and access programs, and she shared her experience with the LAUNCH Forum attendees to drive a conversation around how to ensure that the circular society we’re building is an accessible one, one that all people can be part of. At the end of the Forum, Elizabeth shared,

“My favorite thing about this two-day LAUNCH Forum event was networking with folks who truly care about making a difference, people who are willing to roll up their sleeves, get work done, and build the community that we need to make the circular society a reality.”


Dr. Rüdiger Fox is CEO of Sympatex, a pioneer in sustainable functional textiles and a LAUNCH partner. As longtime part of the innovation ecosystem, Rüdiger presented on how the LAUNCH network can be part of reinventing our future, reminding the Council Members and Innovators in attendance that “it’s in your hands”. Rüdiger highlighted that, with LAUNCH, the participants come together to challenge their own thinking and “come out with an economy that can actually safeguard the future for the next generations to come.”


Faith LeGendre, Circular Economy Solutions Strategist at Cisco Systems, works to enable cities and companies with technology services to bring their circular economy to fruition. For Faith, the unlikely partnerships and unexpected conversations at the LAUNCH Forum were one of the major value-adds. Looking back at her time in Bentonville, Faith explained the catalytic importance of her two days at LAUNCH: “Without this Forum, we would not have known and would not have come together to actually create the solutions that we need for our world.”


For Pia Huusfelt, Global Business Leader at IKEA Group, the LAUNCH Forum in Bentonville, Arkansas, was her second LAUNCH event, following the previous year’s LAUNCH Forum. Over the course of one year alone, with all of the advances in the circular economy, Pia’s own notion of the possibilities had shifted:

“These two days have given me an understanding of where we are as a company… I found out that I can join forces with some of these startups and innovators…”

What’s happens now?

Following the LAUNCH Circular Forum, the LAUNCH team will be working with each of the Innovators to prioritize and capitalize on the relationships and resources they developed during the Forum. This bespoke support is designed to help each Innovator advance their innovation, usually in one or two priority areas identified prior to or during the Forum.

If you or someone you know is interested in connecting with one of the Innovators, please reach out to Toke Sabroe from the LAUNCH Circular team at

Uniting a global community to achieve a Circular Society: This week at the LAUNCH Forum

This week, a group of brilliant, talented, and resourceful Innovators are descending in Bentonville, Arkansas for the LAUNCH Forum. Joining them will be experts in circular economy, sustainability, and innovation, corporate pioneers, leading government agencies, investors and more, all with a common goal; to promote and accelerate the mainstreaming of the circular economy by enabling consumers to not only participate in it but to determine the future of it.

Across industries, businesses are seeing customer behaviors slowly shift towards new relationships to ownership, expectations for increased transparency and trust, and more demand for experiences.   Each of the selected innovators are presenting mid-to-late stage business models and concepts that have the potential to meet customer demands, create market advantage for companies invested in circular business models, and ultimately shape a circular society.

Discussing some of the key systems changes that are needed to drive circular solutions, Håkan Nordkvist, head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA Group, pointed out that one of the urgencies is to change consumer behavior. Innovations are needed to create convenience in order to engage more people in our society and reducing our impact.

“We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet, and that includes playing an active role in moving toward a circular society,” Nordkvist said. “We are thrilled to see so many leading companies and pioneering innovators gather at the LAUNCH Forum to collaborate for a better future.”

LIBRARY OF THINGS - UK’s first high street offer for user-friendly item rental. The community-led ‘Zipcar for Things’ - founded in United Kingdom.

LIBRARY OF THINGS by Emma Shaw, Sophia Wyatt and Rebecca Trevalyan – UK’s first high street offer for user-friendly item rental. The community-led ‘Zipcar for Things’ – founded in United Kingdom.

Rebecca Trevalyan, co-Founder and Community Director of Library of Things, the UK’s first high street offer for user-friendly item rental.

“I’m excited to learn how fellow innovators and council members are driving our economy towards a greener and fairer one,” Trevalyan noted when asked about the upcoming Forum, “and finding partners to help Library of Things get the UK (and the world!) sharing.”

When asked about why Waste Management is a co-host to the LAUNCH Forum, Tom Carpenter, Senior Director of Energy & Environmental Services stated,

“Waste Management is honored to be co-hosting the upcoming LAUNCH Forum at our Sustainability Center,’ We are excited to explore these innovative companies, and their novel approaches to customer engagement.  It is an exciting time to be focused on innovation.”

The 2018 LAUNCH Circular Forum will take place on December 5th and 6th, 2018 in Bentonville, Arkansas. The theme this year is ‘Customer Engagement and New Business Models for a Circular Society’. This year’s Forum is supported by a number of LAUNCH Partners and sponsors, including IKEA, VF Corporation, Waste Management, Walmart, Kvadrat, Novozymes, eBay, Region Skane, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and SympaTex.

To learn more about the Challenge, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @launchorg. For more information regarding the 2018 Innovation challenge, reach out to

Here are the 9 Select LAUNCH Innovators:

CIRCULARISE by Mesbah Sabur and Jordi de Vos – Open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy, which allows any stakeholder to add information and communicate about individual physical objects – founded in the Netherlands.

DEEMLY by Sara Green Brodersen and Jens Farvig Thomsen – Social verification tool for P2P platforms helping increase trust and activity – founded in Denmark.

EACHTHING by Sven Phillipsen – Gives consumers the power to demand insight and transparency into the products they buy – via a mobile application for the consumer and a platform for producers – founded in Denmark.

LIBRARY OF THINGS by Emma Shaw, Sophia Wyatt and Rebecca Trevalyan – UK’s first high street offer for user-friendly item rental. The community-led ‘Zipcar for Things’ – founded in United Kingdom.

OLIO by Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One – Free food sharing app that connects users with unwanted food with neighbours living nearby who would like it – founded in United Kingdom.

RECYCLEPOINTS by Alison Ukonu and Chioma Ukonu – Waste recycling and social benefit venture that motivates people to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste – founded in Nigeria.

SEAL by Bart Verschoor and Joris Verschoor – Digital twin platform with an untamperable virtual and physical link allows building digital features/apps on top of products. Their system gives products an identity by pairing a virtual counterpart to each unique item, on which digital services can run – founded in the Netherlands.

STUFFSTR by John Atcheson and Steve Gutmann – Universal Consumer Buy-Back Programme that offers retail customers instant buy-back of every item purchased when they’re done using it – founded in USA.

WORN AGAIN TECHNOLOGIES by Cyndi Rhoades, Adam Walker and Nick Ryan – Pioneering polymer recycling technology to eradicate textiles waste and to enable circularity for the global textiles industry – founded in United Kingdom.


Established in 2009, LAUNCHis an innovation-centered platform founded on the understanding that today’s problems are too big to be solved by any one organization working alone. Founding  partners NASA, the US Agency for International Development, the US Department of State, and NIKE, Inc. joined together back then to identify, showcase, and support innovative technologies to help solve global sustainability challenges. LAUNCH helps convene and curate networks of unlikely public and private partnerships to accelerate innovations and disrupt pathways for change.

Sustainable Build Innovation Challenge 2018: Jagten på Det Gode Indeliv

Hvordan skaber vi et indendørsliv, som får det bedste frem i os? Kan bæredygtigt byggeri øge vores livskvalitet? Hvad skal der til for at skabe et succesfuldt, bæredygtigt samarbejde på tværs af byggebranchen? Og hvordan skaber vi rum med plads til læring og bevægelse?  

Det Gode Indeliv er hovedtemaet, når Sustainable Build annoncerer årets Innovation Challenge 2018 på Building Green i Forum på Frederiksberg den 1. november 2018. Innovationsudfordringen er en åben invitation til iværksættere og virksomheder i Danmark, såvel som globalt. Målet er at indsamle bud på løsninger, som kan fremme det gode og bæredygtige indendørsliv.


Mennesket skal tilbage i centrum

Gulvfirmaet Tarkett er en af de producenter, der er en del af Sustainable Build. Her er global account director Michael Aastrup spændt på at se innovationer, der kan være med til at bygge bro mellem den miljømæssige og den sociale bæredygtighed i både eksisterende og fremtidige bygninger.

”Indtil nu har vi med Sustainable Build fokuseret på de mere miljømæssige aspekter af bygningernes bæredygtighed, såsom genbrug af materialer. Nu er tiden kommet til at sætte fokus på bæredygtighed, som involverer de mennesker, der arbejder, underviser og lever i bygningerne,” siger han og uddyber:

”Vi ved, at kvaliteten af vores luft-, lys-, og lydsystemer virkelig har stor indflydelse på både vores koncentrationsevne og indlæring samt på produktivitet og livsglæde. Udviklingen af nye innovative løsninger kan spare samfundet mange millioner på færre sygedage, øget effektivitet på arbejdspladserne og bedre indlæring i skolerne.”


Værktøjskassen er tom

En af de danske virksomheder, der har forsket i og arbejdet meget med betydningen af lys i forhold til indlæring i skoler, er Henning Larsen Architects.Her mener partner og chef for bæredygtighed Signe Kongebro, at brugernes behov og oplevelser af bygningerne bør være en langt større del af byggeprocessen:

”Vi mangler nogle metoder til, hvordan man måler på kvaliteten af indeklimaet. Værktøjskassen er simpelthen tom, når det kommer til metoder for, hvordan vi sammentænker de målte og oplevede effekter af indendørslivet. Jeg tror, at vi i højere grad skal inddrage de mennesker, der skal bruge bygningerne og genopfinde de løsninger, vi har i dag,” siger hun.


Nye samarbejder kan skabe fornyelse i byggebranchen

Sustainable Build udspringer af Industriens Fonds temaindkaldelse om bæredygtig produktion. Og netop invitationen til at tænke i nye bæredygtige løsninger som led i den nye Innovation Challenge kræver et tættere samarbejde på tværs af branchen, mener Mads Lebech, der er administrerende direktør i Industriens Fond:

”Byggeri og design er danske styrkepositioner og vi har nogle stærke danske virksomheder inden for eksempelvis vand, isolering, arkitektur, vinduer, møbler, lyd og meget andet. De danske løsninger efterspørges ude i verden, men det kræver innovation, flere nytænkende aktører og tværgående samarbejde i branchen, hvis styrkepositionerne skal bevares eller udbygges. Det er det som Sustainable Build skal bidrage til,” siger han og fortsætter:

”Med nye løsninger til brug i nye og gamle bygninger, kan indendørslivet forbedres. Det handler om adfærd, bæredygtighed, materialer, produkter, databrug og ny viden, så det er hele værdikæden – fra producenter og leverandører til arkitekter og bygherrer – som skal aktiveres. Lykkes det at skabe et godt samarbejde og velfungerende nye løsninger, vil de danske virksomheder få en styrket position på det globale marked.”


Tilbage til tegnebrættet

I entreprenørvirksomheden NCC er der også efterspørgsel på løsninger, som i højere grad imødekommer brugerne. Direktør for engineering i NCC Building Marlene Haugaard siger:

”Det er en vigtig problematik, vi tager op med Sustainable Builds Challenge i år. I dag designes og renoveres bygninger ud fra standarder for blandt andet temperatur, lysforhold og ventilation, men undersøgelser viser, at brugerne er individuelle og har behov for noget andet. Og så skal vi fokusere på at få ført viden fra brugssituationen tilbage til design og udførelse, så vi bygger optimalt.”

Også PensionDanmark støtter Sustainable Build.

Her er projektudviklingsdirektør Mia Manghezi enig i, at der er brug for at medtænke brugernes hverdagsliv helt fra start.

”Vi kan vinde meget på den lange bane ved at tænke driften ind i starten af byggeprojektet og inddrage brugerne af bygningerne og deres feedback i optimeringen af driften. På den måde kan vi arbejde henimod at undgå værditab fra byggeri til drift. For at lave bedre designs i fremtiden, skal vi forstå brugernes behov og adfærd og tænke det hele ind i et fleksibelt indeklima. På den måde kan vi skabe rum for indendørsliv med plads til forskellige brugsmønstre – og brugsmønstre, der ændrer sig over tid,” siger hun.

Har du en innovation eller løsning, der kan videreudvikle Det Gode Indeliv, så indsend din ansøgning senest den 1. februar 2019 på:


Ved spørgsmål eller mere information, kontakt:

Projektansvarlig Maiken Nicolaisen på +45 3123 0851 eller

Sustainable Build er et partnerskab mellem ledende aktører på tværs af den Danske Byggebranche: Henning Larsen, NCC, Tarkett, PensionDanmark og Region Midtjylland. Initiativet er muliggjort via støtte fra Industriens Fond og Grundejernes Investeringsfond og blev iværksat i kølvandet på Industriens Fonds særlige temaindkaldelse om bæredygtig produktion. Initiativet involverer desuden en række aktører fra hele byggebranchen samt en række relaterede industrivirksomheder.



Vi tilbringer 80-90% af vores tid indenfor. Kan bæredygtigt byggeri øge vores livskvalitet, produktivitet eller indlæring? Svaret er ja! Men hvorfor sker det så ikke oftere? Hvad skal der til for at skabe indendørsliv, som får det bedste frem i os?

Det Gode Indeliv er hovedtemaet, når Sustainable Build annoncerer årets Innovation Challenge 2018 på Building Green. Deltag i debatten og annonceringen af årets Sustainable Build Innovation ChallengeBuilding Green i Forum nu på torsdag d. 1/11 fra kl. 12.30-13.30.Det sker på 1. sal på Specialist Talks Scenen – så kom tidligt, da der er kun plads til 70 personer i rummet.

Innovationsudfordringen er en åben invitation til iværksættere og virksomheder i Danmark såvel som globalt. Målet er at identificere og udbrede løsninger, som kan fremme det gode indendørsliv.

Vi ved, at kvaliteten af vores luft-, lys-, og lydsystemer virkelig har stor indflydelse på både vores koncentrationsevne og indlæring samt på produktivitet og livsglæde. Vi skal derfor have fokus tilbage på brugerne af bygningerne – inddrage dem i udviklingen og renoveringen af bygningerne og måle på deres oplevede velvære i bygningerne efterfølgende. Udviklingen af nye innovative løsninger kan spare samfundet mange millioner på færre sygedage, øget effektivitet på arbejdspladserne og bedre indlæring i skolerne.

Sustainabel Build Building Green

Hør og deltag i debatten mellem:

  • Signe Kongebro, Partner, Henning Larsen Architects
  • Marlene Haugaard, Direktør for Engineering, NCC
  • Nicolai Viking, Underviser, Den Grønne Friskole
  • Søren Meyer, Udviklingschef, Grundejernes Investeringsfond

Moderator: Sofus Midtgaard, Sustainable Build

Sustainable Build er et partnerskab mellem ledende aktører på tværs af den Danske Byggebranche: Pension Danmark, Region Midtjylland, Henning Larsen, NCC og Tarkett. Initiativet er muliggjort via støtte fra Industriens Fond (IF) og Grundejernes Investeringsfond (GI). Initiativet involverer udover de nævnte partnere en række kommuner, aktører fra hele byggebranchen samt en række relaterede industrivirksomheder.

Vi glæder os til at se jer!

(Foto: Henning Larsen, Frederiksbjerg Skole)


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