Sofus Midtgaard”I help companies, governments and cities unite around challenges, mobilize stakeholders and engage in partnerships to drive sustainable growth. I dare to dream big and challenge what’s possible.”

Sofus helps Companies, Cities and Governments unite around a higher purpose, engage stakeholders and form partnerships to drive long term sustainable growth.

Sofus primarily engages in shaping new partnerships and mobilizing leadership and critical stakeholders to drive long term sustainable growth.

Sofus has an extensive regional and global network. He has worked with organisations like IKEA, Nike, Novozymes, Whole Foods Market, Interface, Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, Gehl Architects and The City of Copenhagen.

He is an often-invited speaker and moderator at conferences and strategy seminars on leadership, partnerships and sustainability.

Before starting Leaderlab Sofus worked as Head of Strategy & Innovation at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He founded the two conferences New Media Days and Rebuild21.

Sofus holds an executive MBA.


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M: +45 30220111

S: @sofusmidtgaard