Toke Sabroe”I help drive collaborative innovation, facilitate partnerships, and lead complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Where others see barriers and complexity, I help identify levers for change.”

Toke helps companies and organisations structure and run complex multi-stakeholder partnerships and projects. For 15 years Toke have been leading international innovation and development initiatives of many different sizes and shapes – within both technical and creative areas. Toke has a special interest in collaboration project where organisations and people have to reach a common goal across different cultures, competences and perspectives

Toke has worked with organisations like IKEA, Nike, Novozymes, Maersk, Siemens, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry for The Environment as well as The City of Copenhagen.

Toke is often invited to facilitate strategy processes, workshops on stakeholder mapping and systems innovation. He has extensive experience facilitating and teaching.

Toke holds a MA in Information Science.

Before joining Leaderlab Toke worked for Maersk, Siemens and Deadline Games leading complex projects often involving technology, design and innovation.


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