Fighting for change is a tough job, but we are up for the challenge and are fired up, energized and ready to inspire the builders of tomorrow.

We offer advisory services on sustainable innovation – so we can help you adapt to this future. 

Together we harness +15 years of experience in cross pollinating fields such as; market research, project management, sustainable innovation, conferences and circular economy. Let’s meet and discuss how we can be your lab for the leaders of tomorrow.




We map out the trends influencing your market and build stakeholder landscapes to explore competing initiatives, innovations and services.

We gather new insights in circularity, sustainability and match them with lifestyle. We can help your organisations to deep dive into the convergence of circular economy, digitization and innovation and explore the opportunity spaces and most pressing challenges.

Working collaboratively, we facilitate new business models and test your ideas and innovations on influencers, first movers and core target groups.

At the moment we are building new knowledge for clients within areas such as food, building materials, sustainable lifestyles, city planning, textiles and shipping.

Sustainabel Build BuilUp 2015


Have you set up a bold target without really knowing how to get there? Are you facing new challenges in the market, you need new ways to solve? Do you need to reach out to innovators and startups to get new inspiration? We can help you explore and develop corporate sustainability strategies and more sustainable focused business development.

One of our core expertises is setting up challenges, as well as screening and reaching out to innovators and startups around the world. Using a collaborative and energizing methodology we have the ability to involve everyone in building and expanding the best ideas.

We work with organisations such as Kvadrat, IKEA, Henning Larsen Architects, P4G and more to set up sustainable innovation programs both within and between organisations and across different sectors.


How do you set the scene for challenges too big we do not have any ideas about how to solve them? How do you use match future trends with short term actions?

We act as speakers and moderators at conferences and seminars. We help leaders and innovators to thrive by designing high-impact seminars and energizing and unconventional conferences. We value honesty and don’t mind being the ones to deliver the elephant into the room.

Do you need an external facilitator to add speed to your innovation process with deep knowledge about sustainability and business? We tailor-make processes with proven methodologies which facilitates collective impact and systems innovation processes.

Sofus Midtgaard


How do you combine profit with purpose and the one planet limitations? Part of our work is to facilitate and contribute to partnerships and accelerator programs and to connect investment market insights with bold ideas and ambitious innovators.

We love to see new and inspiring innovators flourish by connecting them to partners, investors and potential markets and clients. 

In less than a decade, we have as part of the movement and other projects helped to mobilize and gather more than 1,000 leaders around some of the world’s toughest challenges, and have helped accelerate more than 100 innovators addressing these challenges.


How do you make sure your sustainability strategy is not killed by your own organisation or an unclear actor in the market?

Inside your organisation we can help you mobilize movements among the talents, employees and leaders condensing and communicating purpose, mission and strategy in a way which stands out and invites for ownership. We help you link your organisation’s mission with concrete actions no matter the challenge being urban gardening, new sourcing strategy or cross departmental processes.

Overall, we make sure you reach out to and mobilize the right stakeholders and we work with you to strengthen your core narrative and make sure it matches the needs of your clients and differentiates you in the market.


Are you stuck in a change program or a challenging project, and do you lack an experienced resource?

We like it when it is challenging and love to see ambitious goals be reached. Building on years of experience with large projects within software, research, change management, sustainability and campaigning, we can bring in new energy and structure to projects.



Let us help you drive transformational change!