September 10, 2018 Sofus Midtgaard

WOW! 125 innovators from 36 countries!

This year 125 innovators from 36 different countries have applied to become on of this year 10 LAUNCH Circular innovators. Thank you all for your help this year – and for your applications!

Since 2014 Leaderlab has been leading the LAUNCH Circular program on behalf of the partners.

This year we have been exited, thrilled and even a bit nervous about this year’s LAUNCH Circular challenge. Would there be enough innovators out there working with New Circular Business Models and Customer Engagement?

By the deadline September 1st we had received applications from 125 innovators from 36 countries. Are you curious about how we will select the top 10? Read more here

In the following video, Natasha Frank (LAUNCH Innovator 2017) explains what she have gained from being part of the LAUNCH community.

Read more about this years challenge here.


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